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Annmarie D’Ercole is proud to offer exceptional handmade jewelry featuring diamonds, gemstones, and 14kt gold. By following our guidelines for wear, care, and repair you can ensure that your piece will remain lovely and in like new condition for a long time.


Gold and precious stones are delicate materials. Be mindful that activities and lifestyle play a significant role in wear and tear. Avoid wearing jewelry ESPECIALLY when exercising or participating in sports, bathing, sleeping, swimming, gardening, cooking, cleaning, and applying cosmetics or perfumes. Do not expose jewelry to extreme changes in temperature as this can irreparably damage many stones. Periodically check clasps, chains, and settings. Don’t hesitate to contact us with care or repair questions! Never wear a piece if you suspect that it is in need of repair or if it has a loose stone.


GOLD: To avoid scratches, keep your jewelry from rubbing against other pieces of jewelry. Store your jewelry separately or in pouches, as pieces may be become scratched through contact with each other.

DIAMONDS: A diamond can only be scratched by a diamond, but it easily scratches all other metals or stones it comes into contact with. Although it is hard, a diamond is still a delicate stone, which can break.

TURQUOISE: Turquoise is a soft stone which is especially susceptible to breakage due to strong impact. Because it is porous, contact with cosmetics or chemicals can affect the color of turquoise. Take care to avoid contact with these substances, and remove turquoise jewelry when you shower, exercise, cook.


Most damage can be repaired. most. An estimate for the repair cost will be given prior to the repair. In the event that any repairs, resizes, or other services have been provided by another jeweler, Annmarie reserves the right to decline to offer repair services.

If you’re in the San Diego area, you can drop off repairs to our flower hill flagship store. If you’re outside the area, you may ship your piece to us. We recommend insuring your piece at full retail value. Annmarie cannot be responsible for any losses or damages due to shipping.

Shipping address:

2690 via de la valle suite d225 del mar, ca 92014

Please include your name, contact information. repair authorization number, and the details of you rrepair request.

Thank You!