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Looks Curated by Maddie McClurg

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2700BLDa L'AGENCE Selma Bootcut Jean2700BLDa L'AGENCE Selma Bootcut Jean
WD1283 14kt Gold Diamond Bracelet
Sold outWD1096  14kt Square Pave huggie hoopWD1096  14kt Square Pave huggie hoop
40126CLWllsn L'AGENCE Dani Silk Blouse40126CLWllsn L'AGENCE Dani Silk Blouse
LA1319 L'Agence Aurore ShoeLA1319 L'Agence Aurore Shoe
924-164D-6097d Rails Dina Dress924-164D-6097d Rails Dina Dress
GGDL8807t MISA Dakota DressGGDL8807t MISA Dakota Dress
Sold outWD1106 14kt diamond pave set cuff bangleWD1106 14kt diamond pave set cuff bangle
Sold outWD391 - Pave Huggie with Baquette DropWD391 - Pave Huggie with Baquette Drop
40543PYTw L'Agence Kori Blouse40543PYTw L'Agence Kori Blouse
LA1322b L'Agence Avery Slide SandalLA1322b L'Agence Avery Slide Sandal
40536CLWb L'Agence Priya Lace Cami40536CLWb L'Agence Priya Lace Cami
Sold outGGSK8895fn MISA YELENA  SkirtGGSK8895fn MISA YELENA  Skirt
9441-1423lbt MOTHER The Vagabond Mini Skirt9441-1423lbt MOTHER The Vagabond Mini Skirt
3412YROp L'AGENCE Tylee Jean Skirt3412YROp L'AGENCE Tylee Jean Skirt
WD582 - Pear and Pave Cuff Huggie EarringWD582 - Pear and Pave Cuff Huggie Earring
Wd1102 14kt Double diamond Butterfly NecklaceWd1102 14kt Double diamond Butterfly Necklace
WD1252 14kt Gold Necklace with Diamond DropsWD1252 14kt Gold Necklace with Diamond Drops